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Monk Chants

Recorded on August 20, 1995, at the Rinchenpung Monastery. Symbolically Vajrayogini’s naval, the gompa houses a statue of Rang Rig Gyapo - the king of self-awareness and the wrathful emanation of Padmasambhava. The monk chants are an invocation to this meditation deity to protect all sentient beings from the consequences of their own misguided behavior.

“Gil…. You have to write a book!”

I have been told this countless times.

“Oh I will…. Someday when I have time.”

Over the years this has been my patent response.

Having recently returned from a 1,200-mile bicycle ride across Namibia and South Africa (where I spent 8 – 9 hours a day pedaling), I had plenty of time to think.

I came to the conclusion that writing a book is like extended travel, if you wait until you have enough time and enough money it will never happen.

So here I go.


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